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Advanced Engine Motor Flush

Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps Jun 29, 2015

  1. Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

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    Sol-X Advanced Motor Flush has been exclusively formulated to combat modern motoring issues caused by the adverse affect of extended oil drain periods.During the long interval between oil changes crankcase acids are produced. Without flushing your old oil, these acids can be left in your system and immediately go to work breaking down the new oil leading to the creation of harmful lacquers and varnishes. This can then be deposited on the oil system components such as variable valve timing systems and piston rings. Modern engines work within very tight tolerances and any sticking due to deposits in the oil system results in inefficient operation of the system and poor driveability.

    Sol-X Advanced Motor Flush will:

    Internally clean, lubricate and protect modern engines
    Remove and neutralise all harmful deposits from crankcase
    Free sticking valves / piston rings
    Improve compression and stabilise cylinder compression
    Restore optimum performance
    Prolong the life of new oil
    Contains E.P. additives for engine protection.

    (Vehicle may be driven carefully for up to 20 miles with Sol-X Motor Flush in oil). Treats up to 6 litres. Suitable for all engines.

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