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Advance key door handles not working.

christoph Apr 18, 2020

  1. christoph

    christoph Registered User

    Hi all. I had a faulty door handle on my 2010 A5 for a while. It wouldn't lock when touching the little square on drivers door unlocking was fine. all others worked fine. Now I've changed the sensor and now none of the handles work only the boot will open still. Although when I did change it the handle worked properly for a day. Is it a case of getting it plugged in maybe?

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  3. ***DK***

    ***DK*** Registered User

    You may need to clear the fault code or try another sensor. Do a full engine start/stop then lock unlock sequence too. Might kick start things.
  4. christoph

    christoph Registered User

    Thought I'd better update this a little and ask for more help. I had the codes cleared and still wouldn't work. I contacted the seller who sold me the handle. It was "genuine" had the audi box and audi logo on the handle. So does look real. I purchased 4G8 927 753 A. I contacted them and they said wouldn't work as I need the B version. Not sure if it matters as I presume that Audi have just revised the handles. I then purchased a cheap ebay handle which didnt work at first either. I went and cleared the codes and it worked lovely a few times. Drove home wasnt working again!! Went out still didnt work. Returned home was working again and kept working. Not sure if still working right now as havent tried again. But what would cause this? If it was a broken wire in the door it wouldn't work at all would it as car shut it off for safety?? Help please
  5. Jeebsy

    Jeebsy Registered User

    I got some cheap ones, and some Audi ones which had a different letter at the end, neither worked. I had to get the totally correct part no from Audi in the end which was expensive but they worked immediately. I think some earlier cars are very particular about the part no for these.

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