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ADVAN A048's

Rangie999 Sep 27, 2014

  1. Rangie999

    Rangie999 Registered User

    Just a thought has anybody tried these on the S3 yet with standard wheels? I currently run Michelin sport 3 but thought that these look more fun. The car is more of a toy so unlikely to be used for anything other than dry conditions...

    Thank you.
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  3. 16Klappe

    16Klappe Man Boost! Supporter

    Prawn had a set I think. And I think they were alright.

    Lots of other options too. Try looking at NS2R's, I've just fitted a set and they're great.
  4. Jay A3

    Jay A3 #because Racecar

    I'm after a set of new tyres, mainly road use with the odd track days. NS2R's will they wear down quick on road use?
  5. Sam_

    Sam_ Down under

    They'd wear slower than A048s.

    Loads more choice over there but Pilot Sport Cup, Yokohama AD08R, Hankook RS3s etc are decent too. Prawns probably best placed to comment. He's had more tyres than hot dinners.
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  6. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    A048's are absolutely incredible. About the best of the semi slicks really alongside Dunlop 03G's, but this quality comes at a big price.

    They're hugely expensive, and won't last you too long at all.

    If you want something very grippy that's still road friendly, I'd look towards a set of federal RS-R's.

    Equally as grippy, but arguably not as hard wearing are nankang ns2R.

    Yokos ad08 falls in the middle ground of road / track, being a list 1a tyre (high performance summer) instead of the other two above which are list 1B (trackdays and racing). It comes with more tread than the semi slicks too.

    If you absolutely must spend £800 and want something really grippy that'll work on the road, then a set of a048's in MH (medium/hard) compound, or a set of Dunlop direzza 03G's in H1 (hard) would be my choice.

    I don't think the extra grip from the medium compound versions of either would warrant the decreased life during road use, given the enormous cost of such tyres.
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