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After reading every ones build thread on here and really getting some useful information I thought I'd start one myself. It started back in Feb 2011 when I bought my first 1.8T. It was a 1999 A3 1.8T, AGU engine that had 200K on the clock. It was in good condition but had it's wear marks. A year later I decided to upgrade. So off I went looking for A3's and came across a outstanding condition 2001 AUM A3 1.8T. I knew nothing about it, so when the guy put his foot down and released 200BHP I was surprised to say the least. That's when the bug bit me.

So at present I have a 2001 A3 1.8T, with a full Milltek race exhaust system, cone filter, forge 007P DV a REVO stage 1 remap and some S3 rims. I am looking at going REVO stage 2, and already have a Forge TIP ready to be fitted, but just waiting on getting a oil catch tank and will do all at once. Then I need to get a FMIC, but can't decide what I want. I would love to keep the fogs, but want a bigger intercooler like the 'Welly' cooler rather than the piddly little things from ebay, but not sure I want to fork out over £700 for the forge kit.

I also want to do a few handling / cosmetic items so I am looking at lowering the car, tinted windows and was even considering a full body wrap, but that's depending on what it will cost me and if I am prepared to fork out the cash.

I have sorted the interior lighting, I've swapped it all over to LED lighting, some of it is a bit bright, but that can be changed. I've also added some footwell lighting just to add to the interior a little bit.

Ill start with my 1.8T

This car got to 250,000 miles with me when I sold it, so I know these engines go on forever!!!


Now to the new one. After a wash and a clean it looked like this






Picture of the interior lighting...

I opriginally had blue in there, with the intention of chaning the interior lighting over time, the dash, radio etc etc. But after driving for one night I found the blue lights way too distracting so went to red to blend in. I'll post pictures of the red later.




My Forge TIP ready for fitting


I had a problem as some of you may have read a little while ago. My CTS blew itself out spraying coolant all over the engine bay. The result was a head gasket so some pennies later and I had it back running but my MAF was totally b******d



So a new MAF later, then cleared the VCDS codes stored and now it's running back to normal :blackrs4:

Now that everything is running well, it's time to get onto adding the extras so, what's left on the do list is :

Eibach lowering springs
Forge TIP
Oil catch tank
Tinted windows
Refurb the S3 wheels

I'll take some more photos of the interior lighting later when it's a bit darker and get those added.

Any suggestions / comments welcome...
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Oh yeah... One more photo after I removed the 2vT sticker!!



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Hi ads

Looks a very clean car and i like the footwell lighting bet it looks well in red to match centre console etc. I have a aum myself which has similar mods except an intercooler :-( thats my next misson, as i want a good intercooler but would like to keep the fog lights without spending stupid money lol. I had mine staged 2'd at jabba and was really chuffed with the results.


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A few photos of interior lighting...





Hope you all like it and it's not too chav!!


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After contemplating for some time on whether to lower my car or not as I've never been a fan of the bumper scrape I was browsing eBay and came across some SPAX lowering springs at a bit of a bargain. So I've bought these on the basis that if I like them I will upgrade to Eibach, if I don't I will revert to standard and sell them on. I was planning on fitting them this weekend but due to a lack of spring clamps and the mothers golf deciding to play up I ended up playing with that instead!

In any case, I have now got the springs and gave them a clean ready for fitting..




The weekend hasn't been a complete waste though as I have now coded the car so thaat Anti Hi-jack is enabled and I've also enabled it so that only the drivers door and petrol flap unlock on a single click and a double click unlocks the passenger and boot, minor, but still means I've done something this weekend !!