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Admiral (rant)

Dippy Oct 10, 2018

  1. Dippy

    Dippy Well-Known Member Team Monsoon Audi S5 Black Edition

    So my wife persuaded me that obviously we have too much disposable income so we needed to pay for our daughter's driving lessons, then buy her a car before she had passed so that she could get extra practice. I bought 3 months learner insurance on the understanding that it will expire at the very moment she passes her test. So with her test imminent I trawled the web for full insurance and Admiral came out as the best deal. They have a good online system and a quote was set up so that I just needed to make a payment and the insurance would be taken. So I could minimise the time that the car was uninsured between her passing her test and Admiral's website coming back with a "payment taken - you are insured" message.

    Well she passed today so I followed the plan. It wasn't quite as simple because their website tried to sell me 4 add-on products which I declined, then I entered my payment details. But the message was unexpected. It was "no payment taken - no insurance - please phone us." Well this was high inconvenient but I had no choice but to 'phone, hoping that the problem was not serious. I guy who answered sounded like he understood my pain, and that this was unusual and he would sort it rapidly. I think he was lying on all 3 points.

    After going through the details on my quote and my confirming that everything was correct, he finally explained why I had been forced to 'phone: I had refused to buy those extra add-ons, I had not cancelled mine and my wife's car insurance policy so that I could take out a multicar policy with Admiral, and I had not committed to switching my home insurance over to Admiral. Possibly there were other things I had not agreed to buy from Admiral, but I think the guy started to realise as I was politely but confidently declining all offers and so it was pointless. It dawned on him that I just wanted to pay the quoted price for the insurance policy I had selected on the website so that I could quickly and efficiently change the status of our new car from uninsured to insured before some toerag stole it.

    Rant over.

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