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Adding a sub to the standard system - HELP!

Zak0123 Mar 23, 2016

  1. Zak0123

    Zak0123 Active Member

    Howdy folks,

    I posted this in the 8V section but figure it might be better in this section...

    I've got an 8V S3 with the standard system and am missing my bass bigtime. So, I had an idea on how to potentially tap into the existing system and wondering if you guys can help...

    What would be the results if I hijacked the front door speakers output from the stock HU, fed them through to my amp, then one channel of the amp 'back' to the front door speakers (to power them) and one channel of the amp to the sub.

    That would mean I have amped front speakers and an amped sub, best of both worlds...

    Does anyone know if this would work and what the implications would be? Would the same signals going to the sub and door speakers be ok?

    If anyone out there can point me in the right direction that would be amazing.

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  3. AlexA4Avant

    AlexA4Avant Active Member

    First you to use a low channel or it distort unless you have a hi input to your amp. But unless have to use your hu for sat navigation change it all up then run it all through an amp like a did in my a4
  4. Lilgaz

    Lilgaz Guest

    Hi Zak, try looking into a LOC (Line Output Converter). With the LOC you can tap into say the rear left speaker cables + & - for your input which then converts the high-level signal to low-level output. The output on the LOC are rca which you can then run to your amp.
    Hope this helps!
  5. easy going Si

    easy going Si Member

    Hi yer Zak

    Your suggestion of tapping the front speakers wires may not be so successful as you think, when you tap a speaker wire you are taping a AC current/electricity you are then using the same signal to drive a high to low converter this will induce it's own resistance into the circuit forcing the car stereo to provide more current/electricity to drive this as well the speakers

    Your speakers will be 2 Ohm rubbish and the speaker cable is this thinnest rubbish I have ever seen, remember Ohms law V over I/R when you create more demand for (I) current you also increase resistance and voltage so the more you push the car stereo to get the same volume level as you had before the car stereo amp may be doing twice the work for the same sound level and then things may start getting very very hot and fail

    I would make a plan of what you want from your car stereo, work out what is most important to you sound quality or convenience you will not get both look at all the installs you can, for your car and also think out of the box there are plenty of people on here that will give you good sound advice, and if a mate of yours has got a dream stereo in his car and sounds wonderful and it costs for 4 or 5 grand for the lot remember cooper cable is not cheap, here some things for you to think on

    1) Buy cheap buy twice

    2) You pay for what you get

    3) Start at the battery and work from there

    Hope this helps Simon

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