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Addiction Motorsport Adjustable Rear Arms

Stevofoz Nov 7, 2015

  1. Stevofoz

    Stevofoz Registered User

    Hi All,

    Just after a bit of advice if possible?

    I've just availed myself of a set of 20mm lowering springs, new top mounts and rear spring pads and a set of Addiction Motorsport adjustable rear arms.

    I was wondering if anyone who has fitted them might be able to share their experience before I blindly go steaming into it?

    They state they are lower arms but I was toying with the idea of fitting them in the upper position so as not to affect the track, is this possible with the standard lower arms in place?
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  3. daz-20vt

    daz-20vt Registered User

    if you fit them uptop it throws the toe in too much I believe. better off underneath and get it re aligned.
    even then you might have too much toe in.
    mine are up top and toe in is a real bad problem on mine. Can't get anywhere near right :(
  4. I'm in the process of moving mine from top to bottom as I couldn't sort toe out.
  5. BRY#035

    BRY#035 Registered User

    Could you let me know how you find those Stevo, I'm looking into a set for myself .. Was a bit unsure about build quality due to the price as they seem to be half the cost others like the forge etc ... Cheers
  6. Stevofoz

    Stevofoz Registered User

    So a slight turn in this story. I actually sold the car at the weekend so never got round to fitting! Have listed them on eBay for a bargain price if anyone's interested. Will stick a link up in the classified section.
  7. SteveSAS

    SteveSAS Guest

    Hi Daz, just wondered what is your toe numbers on your rears?

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