AdBlue - Consumption


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Hi All,

I have a A4 B9, 2.0 TDI Quattro Auto and have done 5,540 and the display is asking me to fill up adblue for the second time aready. I only do about 130 miles a week and most of them are on A and B roads.

Is this amount of adblue normal for a new car?

Also on a slightly different note does anybody know if there has been an update released to fix the flickering display on the MMI and the heater contols




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So far, other owners reckon you need to fill up the Ad blue every 8000miles on average. It sounds like you car wasn't handed over to you with a full tank. I believe other people have had the same issue.


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Standard fill from factory is half full so only 6 litres in the standard tank. I asked mine to be filled up before collection (Having been too late to amend the spec to the 24 litre tank - doh).