Help Please Adaptive lights problem


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Just been for a drive and when I went to park the car up, I noticed that the headlights were moving around. Looking at the lights themselves you can see them moving up and down randomly....quite disturbing really!

Where to start?


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Adaptives move on all 4 axis, so it maybe just that.


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Too much coffee? :tearsofjoy:


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@skiptowncat - I am sure that I have seen a thread about this somewhere, but there is no way that my ageing brain is going to remember where. Have a search - hopefully you will find something.


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Have you diagnosed the car with vcds/obd11?

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Finally got round to doing a scan and sorting this out. I think I managed to fix it.

The scan gave me an error of “level control system sensor left front (g78) mechanical failure”
I cleared the code and then went in VCDS to 55 headlight range, performed some basic settings and the light went back to the centre but I got a code “01539 headlights not adjusted”
Went back into the basic settings and ran the level adjustment, you have to click the “next” box within that menu a couple of times.

Lights are now central and no fault codes. The ground wasn’t very flat and it’s late so I’ll probably redo the adaptation at some point later.