Adaptive Cruise & Lane Assist re-calibrations


I sent this email to the Dealership we purchased our wagon from:

“Recently read this excerpt on a Audi forum website, posted by a member who sold Audis in the US.

One thing to consider: if you have the DA, if you ever have to have the windshield replaced or, if I remember correctly, when you get new tires, you will have to have an "adaptive cruise alignment" performed, which costs a few hundred bucks and is apparently necessary in order to make sure all the car's various adaptive cruise sensors are properly aligned.’

Would appreciate clarification as we do not recall this being mentioned during the purchase of our vehicle from the dealership.”

I was advised:

· Windshield – yes, alignment is recommended. In practice, many owners take their vehicle to the dealership where they arrange both and both will be covered under vehicle insurance.

· Tyres – not necessarily replacement of tyres, but highly recommended if a wheel alignment is carried out and there is more than a slight adjustment. His example was a heavy gutter knock (or swapping springs???). When out of alignment, the vehicle sits on the road differently, so the sensors will not read accurately.


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I read that too on AudiWorld as well, however I doubt the ACC would need recalibration with new tyres, as the manual would state as such, but with a windscreen yes the camera would need recalibrating and the windscreen people should advise this, or do it themselves.
This was in reply to someone who posted up that there pre-sense was braking all the time for nothing, although the OP didn't seem to understand the sensitivity could be turned down within the MMI. neither had the owner contacted the dealership..


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I've had nothing odd happen since lowering and getting my alignment done. Either with the ACC or with the lane assist. :)


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I don't doubt it, that whole thread on AudiWorld has turned into a 'ethical' debate about autonomous technolnogy and the guy who is having the issue of the pre-sense being oversensitive is leading it....


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In terms of the camera recalibration, when I had autoglass replace my side windows the chap mentioned this, they won’t do it, so it’s a trip to the main dealers so I don’t think the recalibration cost would be covered by windscreen excess on your insurance. Bet the dealers would charge for this