Adapting seats to fit another model? Specifically rear 8V seats into an 8P


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Hi all,

I recently bought a set of full leather 8V seats to fit to my 8P. I expected the rears to be a complete mismatch but compared them to my 8P seats and they are more similar then I thought they would be.

The top half seems to fit into place fine but the bottom of the rear makes contact with the sidewall lining of the boot. Should be simple to get around, either cut away the boot lining then soft carpet the void or the harder method would be to cut an inch or so off the bottom of the seat and have it re-trimmed.

The base looks a bit more difficult. The fixing points underneath seem to line up (although I haven't measured for accuracy) but there are some obvious differences and I have followed with my possible solutions:
  • The seat seems to be deeper - Can possibly cut away some of the foam to remedy this
  • The taper on the rear corners is different - needs more cut away and trimmed
  • The ISO fix points are out of alignment - the holes can be cut larger
Are there any places out there that custom mod seats to fit? I love a project but don't have the time for one atm and I wouldn't want to ruin the seats as they are in mint condition. My other option is to sell them and use the proceeds to find full leather rear 8P seats but they then wouldn't match the fronts and the leather looks to me more shiny than the newer Audi seats, that may just be part of the ageing though.



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Scrap that, just removed my boot sidewall lining and it is part of the chassis that makes contact with the seat so the bottom part of the seat is too long. With that in mind I think this will cost too much for a pro to do and will be too much for me to handle so will start looking for 8P rears and sell the 8V rears :(


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what I have done a few times when if fitted seats that sholdnt fit is

take both sets to a local trimmer and have the ones you want transferred to the old 8p frames

it will fit perfect and no chopping the car up


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Thanks mate, I had been talking to Ash about the seats and he said about doing this too so I will take them to him to see what he can do :)