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Accessories for Audi Audio

tvr1 Feb 27, 2003

  1. tvr1

    tvr1 Member

    For some reason i cant Post a new topic in the ice forum so ill put it here (if someone can move this then thats fine)

    In looking into modding the the std stereo in my s3 (concert 2) but do not wish to cut or splice the loom and i wish to keep the std stereo (the adaptors available at car stereo shops are if you wish to replace the stereo and tie it to the original set up which ido not)
    In looking at the Blaupunkt website they have a link of all adaptors required which form part of the original loom

    this can be located here http://www.blaupunkt.co.uk/6.asp

    theres all sorts for ading mp3s telephones remotes.....

    its a large file as it lists all car makes.

    once ive ordered the part i need and start mods ill let u know how i get on. with a how to for those interested.

    Ive seen posts suggesting that adding to the Bose system has caused problems "and suggests it cannot be done well" (audiworld)which i disagree with and will have my beast sounding sweet sooner rather than later.

    Anything can be done it depends how much you know or how much you want it.

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  3. tomsinclair

    tomsinclair Member

    I also upgraded my S3 to a better head unit than the standard Concert 2 with the Bose system. You need the smart lead adaptor and facia adaptors. The smart lead converts the low level output to the amp. I bought mine from Car Audio Direct 39.99 for the smartlead and 9.99 for the facia. It works perfectly and makes a big difference to the sound with the better head unit. There is no cutting involved plug in connections are all that is used.
  4. RAPS3

    RAPS3 Well-Known Member

    Do you lose the CD track info from on the DIS, does it receive the info from the headunit or the cd shuttle in the boot?
  5. tomsinclair

    tomsinclair Member

    Yes you lose the information to the DIS from the stereo, I haven't found this to be a miss as it was only a repeat of what the stereo display showed anyway.

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