Accelerator Pedal vibration/shaking


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Can anyone shed any light on what might be causing the accelerator pedal to vibrate and almost a knocking noise from what seems like the offside driveshaft when applying load to the engine? I replaced the driveshafts yesterday so have ruled those out now. It's more evident on the offside as when I turn left it judders a bit more and makes a noise. If I am pulling away from a standstill it is far more pronounced than if I was cruising at say 50mph and if I put my foot down it's also really evident then. It has only just come about after pulling the engine out to replace some parts. Everything was fine before that so I don't think it is related to the wheels or a balance issue. Nothing is knocking either from what I can see. The only thing I can think of now is that the engine mounts might be going soft but then it still seems strange that it feels as though the problem is right behind the accelerator and more of a rotational problem. I have the uprated THS mounts which have been on for a couple of years now but probably only seen about 5000 miles so even that seems unlikely too.

I've read through all of the previous vibration threads on here and on other sites but can't seem to find a definitive answer so was hoping someone may have had a similar problem. Thanks for any info.

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Almost the same as my tdi right now. engine was out recently but done 2-4k miles since, sudenly appeared over 2 days. steering also feels very vague.
So far changed the dog bone mount, bashed the heat shield above the exhaust, I think ill replace the other two mounts. the one above the gear box moves around easy with a pry bar.


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i have the same problem and i couldn't solve it till now did any one know how to solve? the pedal pulses when accelerating and it's very annoying thing...


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Andy123 did you ever solve this vibration?

I have the same with an s3 I just bought. Seems fine on the nearside turning right but anything left is causing problem. I don't notice anything at low speeds. When I accelerate 50+ MPH i get a wobble / judder which is much worse if cornering. I have experimented lifting off and seems there is not problem lifting off round a corner at speed only when accelerating.

The suspensions has been checked, new brake disks and pads, no wheel buckle, I've changed the dog bone today (polyflex yellow has made a good change, but I dont advice snapping the bolt while taking out) and tomorrow I'm going to fit THS engine mounts. If that doesn't help I'm stuck.

Where should I look next? drive shaft? bearings?? HELP?????:keule: