Sold ABT Tuning Box for Audi B9 S5 (Piggyback ECU)

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Jan 5, 2003
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I removed this from the car as I've switched to a remap instead.

I can't link the data sheet here, but if you search for ABT POWER S5 B9 ECU you'll find details. I've also attached a screengrab of the datasheet.

You can see the redacted photo of the original purchase... yes, it was over £2400 when new fitted! I've had the car just over a year and while the box works fine it definitely doesn't produce the claimed power, but the advantages are no CELs, good build quality and completely reversible. It's also approved by Audi warranty.

For the buyer I can provide photos of it on the car (wires in place, but disconnected) and supply a link to the fitting instructions. It's not difficult to fit, just a couple of awkwardly placed connectors with the ABT loom getting cable tied to existing wiring and the ECU sitting near the wipers.

I suspect this will also work on a B9 S4, possibly even other VAG vehicles with the EA839 3.0 TFSI engine, but I can't guarantee that. I cannot accept returns if you are buying on the basis that it "might" work on another platform. Please also remember that there's no way this is producing 425bhp (certainly not on my car) so please don't expect that kind of power increase. I can't say what you'll get on your car!

Collection in person is fine (Motherwell area) and I can help fit if you collect. Courier collection arranged by buyer is also fine.

£300 ono.


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