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Absolute brilliant experience with DH Automotive - Stage 2 OPF RS3 Results

DannyRS3 Oct 1, 2020

  1. DannyRS3

    DannyRS3 Registered User

    I'm just back from MRC Scotland (DH Automotive Falkirk) with my 69 Reg Sportback. Dave and the lads did a brilliant job on the car over 2 days. I really cannot recommend them enough. Dave there is really relaxed, engaging and helpful and takes all the time you need to answer pedantic questions. :) The car is utterly transformed it to an absolute weapon, and I could not be happier with the results!

    Stage 2 Switchable Tune, with Transmission remap, overrun enabled in Sport mode.

    Parts list:

    Forge Intercooler
    Forge TIP
    Forge Intake
    BMC Filter
    Miltek De-Cat
    Forge Dogbone Mount
    Fresh plugs (NGK I believe)


    99 Octane + booster:
    544.95 HP
    733.9 N.m

    Straight 99 octane Tesco momentum:
    524 HP
    729 N.m

    Stock tune with the above parts (surprising result!):
    453 HP
    572 N.m



    It pulls so HARD now, the result is worth every penny, and a HUGE difference in performance. Launch and downshifts threaten to chuck you in the back seat, and passengers hold on for dear life. I can't wait to take it to the drags and see what it can do in the real world. Some draggy results will follow though, weather permitting. Shifts are super quick and sharp now, especially in manual, and have a nice DSG fart. Manual mode will get used a lot more, as it was so slushy and slow before the tune I rarely ever used it, and it's now what it should have been from the factory. It also rev matches on the manual downshift now. Sport (auto) mode holds the gears a lot longer now so that will get used less around town (as it holds 2nd gear), whereas I used it all the time before, but the over run pops and bangs are absolutely hilarious. I didn't think I'd like that, but it certainly brings a smile every time and will never get old. Drive mode disables the over run pops and is really optimised now and feels much improved over stock, though there is a lot of exhaust drone in the mid range, especially on the motorway... It is ridiculously loud, and a bit smelly to be expected with a decat, which will take some getting used to. I'll be using the exhaust flaps a bit more now, so my neighbours don't lynch me, but on the up side the missus no longer wants to ride in it or drive it after her first spin in it so there's an added perk :). It's actually perfectly quiet and civil in comfort mode/flaps closed, which is actually a good thing, and it is completely OTT in Dynamic/Sport!

    I never felt the OPF equipped car was slow or missing anything, and was very civil to drive, and a real Jekyll and Hyde kind of car. At stage 2 it is a beast, raw and savage and seemingly limitless power on tap. I absolutely love it.

    If you are considering it - do it!

    Thanks again to Dave @ MRC Scotland!

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