ABS light on! and other weird happenings!


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Well this morning i had a bit of an interesting one!

Drove the car 10yds and the red warning exclamation light comes on, along with the yellow abs light and the yellow warning triangle!!

hmm reverse back in to the house, grab vagcom and hook it up. It wont connect to the abe module. hmm. So do a full scan and the first things that comes up on the engine module is code 18057..powertrain data bus.....missing message from abs controller!

Hmm not good, i clear the fault code, and then it immediately comes back on. So clear it again, and this time it stays away!

So get going in the car again....(along with the missus, and two kids on the back..getting late!!) and within 10yds the lights come back on!

So sod it, drive in th aberdeen anyway...On the way, the weird things start happening...first the red warning clears, comes back on x about 10. then this stays off and the yellow lights start flickering...and occasionally they come back on with the red light too. Also thrown in with this the rev needle drops off to zero, momentarily and comes back to normal. The rev needle isn't flicking, its zero or normal.

Anyway keep going and after about ten mintues more driving, everything clears and its as if nothing has happened!! Lights stayed off for remainder off journey, another 10 minutes say.

Not sure how the car is now, the wife is driving it back from Aberdeen!!

So basically.. has anyone any idea what is going on here!!!



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bad earth connections etc around battery area?

is the ecu wet or fuse box, could be water on the connections which dried up once the engine got warm. has your scuttle been off?


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Well not too sure what the problem was.. Wife drove back from aberdeen, about a 40 min drive, and nothing re appeared. Reckon it may have been something along the lines of the battery being flat a bout four days ago. Although it has only just manifested itslef today. At least it seems the problem has gone.
@dannyh I will check that area, just incase! thanks