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  1. marksb6quattro

    marksb6quattro New Member

    hi i have an audi b6 avant pd130 quattro. and have abs and esp lights on and no speedo. i have done a diagnostic and says speed sensor front left. which i replaced and still have the issue so i changed abs ring and still have the same code. so do i send it away and have it refurbished at 250quid plus vat. or but another abs ecu and have it coded. but i dont have the ability to do that myself so what are my options?? can i buy a version of vcds for under 90quid and do it myself or is sending away the best option. please help as love the car but this is very annoying
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  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro Platinum Supporter S tronic Audi Main Dealer

    Hi Mark, welcome to audi-sport.net. If you need vcds have a look at our vcds map for members near you. Link in my signature.
  4. DrStrange

    DrStrange Well-Known Member


    Hello Mark! You are in Luck my friend. The EXACT same happened to me.

    I replaced the front wheel speed sensor (always good practise to do anyway) to no avail. It was then I KNEW it was the dreaded ABS module itself!

    So, I took my cabby to my EXCELLENT VAG garage who proceeded to sending the ABS module (entire) off to the most popular UK known company for refurbishing. (Named BBA-Reman). Took 1 week. Now at 1 year later and zero issues touch wood.

    Importantly it comes with a lifetime warranty..

    Hope this helps.

    Ps, Mine cost around £500 all in.
  5. marksb6quattro

    marksb6quattro New Member

    all sorted mamaged to get an ecu with numbers that were similar and coded in fine. very happy to havw no dash lights

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