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ABS G45 Front Speed Sensor - Fault

Watty Aug 10, 2010

  1. Watty

    Watty ..... (_!_) Sarah's A3s #1 Fan

    Been trying to sort out the ABS EPC lights on (A3 8P) in the dash for a few weeks and seems to be an electrical fault. Tried a new unit and error showed straight away without moving, so points more to wiring. VCDS still hooks up to the controller, so that should be ok. Does anyone know if the front right (O/S) loom from plug to controller is available and more importantly, what route it takes through the wheel arch liner to the controller, so I can rule this out before moving on to the next possible cause.

    Speed sensor location, removed


    Through arch lining...

    Part number label reads 1K0 927 903A

    Comes through at A, but can't see it, then must arrive at B ???

    Any idea's.........???

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2010

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