ABS/ESP Lights illuminated... Braking Fault?


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Hi fellow Audi owners,

So recently the amber ABS and ESP lights are illuminated on the dash on my A3 8P. Sometimes they are there when I start the car, sometimes they pop in after a few moments of driving (they do always come on at some point during my drive though). When they do pop up the display reads "ABS/ESP Fault. See owners manual!" or something along those lines.

Now I've noticed that if they are not illuminated right from the start, the car acts funny. By this I mean - there is some ticking noise from the back? of the car, also when braking there are grinding noises from under the pedal area. When the ABS/ESP fault kicks in and the message displays, the car drives perfectly after that. No ticking noises and no braking grinding noise.

What kind of problem am I looking at here? I've just been avoiding it for a while now since I can drive the car fine as long as the lights are illuminated - but I want this issue dealt with.


Thanks in advance.


Could be a number of things...wheel alignment, steering angle sensor etc..... Get it scanned with vcds tbh


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As above, if you wanted to buy vcds, ping me a pm.


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My money's on ABS pump. Had the same problem myself. Had to remove to send off for reconditioning .


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As per the advice of heavy-hitters above, scan 1st.
Unfortunately, there are loads of reasons why ABS could be actuating by itself.