ABS/ESP lights but no error codes?


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MOT approaching fast & i've had the ABS & ESP lights coming on intermittently for a while now.
Originally my amazon special code reader did pick up a code relating to the rear right wheel speed sensor (think it was code 287), however this past week the lights have been on constantly, I put the code reader on to confirm it is the same code & now it's reporting no codes present?

I also tried a bluetooth code reader that has worked in the past, again no error codes?
I have just now pulled the battery -ve off & then tried again, in the hope it's reset itself, but still then same?

Any ideas on what i can try? (short of taking it somewhere for vcds)


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Probably the sensor or bearing at fault if its the same abs design, I'd strip & have a look at both, given age of car, bearing probably has deterioration on the abs ring causing intermittent sensor faults.


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Yeah i think i'll have a look at the state of the sensor over the weekend. Just odd how it's keeping the lights on but now showing no error codes?
when looking at them ages ago, the abs rings look like they were found at the bottom of the sea! but at that point they were working (it was the steering angle sensor playing up!)


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Seems i have the error back now and also it's decided to pop up the 1826 error code as well, that refers to the steering angle sensor... again!
I'm hoping the 1826 code is something to do with disconnecting the battery & it having to calibrate (clutching at straws???) as i don't fancy messing with that again.
Had major issues with weird eps/abs/braking effects last year. swapped the steering angle sensor which cleared the faults & the braking issue?... that seemed to resolve itself when i added a teaspoon of brake fluid & pressed the fluid level switch in the reservoir?
MOT in 3 weeks.... eeeek might get the rear right wheel off & see if I can see anything up with the sensor as that's what the error indicates is up. Then maybe chuck it on for mot anyway & see if anything else gets picked up before forking out on having the sensor replaced.
Cars now on 181k miles but the car itself is in pretty nice condition.


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Good news & bad news for me..
I cleaned up the very corroded abs ring on the rear right (which the error code reported) lights were still on.
I bought a new more expensive code reader & that cleared the fault & the lights went out.. and stayed out for the week up to the MOT, took it in for MOT & it passed with no advisories.
Then the next day, driving along happily thinking wire brushing it all up had cured my problem... the damn light abs & esp lights came on again.
Parked up at my destination, then when i left to come home, after a few feet of driving the lights went out again!?... so somethings up
Sensor or hub/abs ring?.. what we thinking

Although, to my surprise i can get a new rear wheel bearing with integrated abs ring for 30+ vat, thought it'd be more than that.