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GGM31V May 1, 2019

  1. GGM31V

    GGM31V Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    I have personally been a member of the forum for several years, after owning various Audi's. Its been a great resource to me over the years. We have been trading 12 years now and offer a nationwide collection service, we can settle finance, help with cherished plates and so on.

    We decided it would be a good idea to become a site sponsor, a lot of members trade their cars in at main dealers, via car buying websites or don't feel comfortable selling their cars privately we hope we can offer them more money and a better quality of service.

    We will consider other marques of cars as well, our criteria is generally upto 4 years old/40,000 miles, sadly we don't buy anything that's been modified as we cant provide a warranty upon resale.
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