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About to purchase an S1, few questions

shurtuk Jul 4, 2018

  1. shurtuk

    shurtuk New Member

    Hey guys, I want an S1 for over 4 years now, decided to sell my R56 Mini Cooper S and get the Audi
    Few question please:

    I will probably purchase a 2015 model and fit it with a reinforced clutch and APR remap stage1
    How reliable is APR? What is the best clutch FOR DAILY use?

    I heard Audi improved something in the engine in 2016 which makes it more reliable, is that correct? if so, what they improved?

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  3. alexyyyy

    alexyyyy New Member

    From what I've herd I'd suggest going with Revo Stage 1 and a Sachs organic clutch, which is what I'll be doing later this year.
  4. lfcrule1972

    lfcrule1972 Winter is coming... Team Mythos TFSI Owners Group Audi S1 quattro

    I'd happily recommend the APR stage 1 map, I looked at both and wanted the higher performance figures of the APR map ;) There are various 'false news' stories about APR maps and pictures of engines that exploded - as far as I know all of these did NOT have APR maps.

    I've had mine on the car since March this year, according to the dyno figures it has 336 bhp and 473nm of torque, I really like how it drives and haven't has any issues since I had the Sachs Organic clutch fitted :)

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