About to buy a4 convertable but which one?


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Apr 30, 2012
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Cardiff AKA The Diff
I am just about to get my first ever Audi and I want the a4 convertable but i am not sure which engine to go for, as in diesel or petrol.

I don't do more than 5000 miles per year so would a diesel still work out a good deal?

My needs are an auto with all the toys and I was looking at the 2.0 and 2.5 tdi, but can anyone help me on what's a good buy?
Personal preference really. What is important to you MPG?

I drive the 1.8t convertible.
What's your budget too?

5000 miles is pretty low, so I'd avoid the TDI's, you'll pay a premium for no real benefit (aside from the extra torque :))...

1.8T is a great option, but personally, I'd go for the rarer 2005 run of 1.8T quattro S-Lines! Or failing that, one of the other 1.8T quattro sports.

2.5TDI is the FWD version only in the cabriolet and a completely different engine to the one in the V6 TDI quattro: the FWD version has the same power as the 1.8T, very similar mpg*, but a much heavier car, higher fuel costs and less tuning options...

*2.5TDI will be better on a long, slow motorway cruise, but not around town: if you're only doing 5000 miles / year, I'm assuming that the extra mpg on the long motorway cruises won't be worth the schlep of all that extra weight... having quattro IS worth the weight though!!
Wow just realised i posted this back in 2012. April 2014 and i finally get the A4 Cab lol. 2TFSI Multitronic A4 Cab :)
Nice work
Make sure you get the multitronic serviced

Double that!

That's a good engine, but personally I would have gone quattro all the way (which wasn't available in the B7), so you would have had to stay with the older B6.

I prefer the quattro handling and if you're going auto, it gives you a proper auto gearbox that can handle a bit more tuning...

Don't be tempted to get that heavily remapped as the extra torque can kill multitronic gearboxes.
I love the car but yes a 4 wheel car in auto was on the agenda but I could not find a mint one at the time. Many did not even have a multi function steering wheel. The Audi mechanic who services my VW and now this swears by the tiptronic quattro. I am loving this multitronic at the moment, very smooth and i am mostly in sports mode :)