Aberdeen meet in may


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Tempted, especially with the new car being in my hands only 2 days, but I'm turning 25 on Friday so probably won't be in any fit state to drive until well into the afternoon/evening.


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I was up for it but my stage 2+ remap still hasn't been done and wanted it in time for the meet.


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Im not going to make it now as not getting the car back until next week


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Is next week fine for everyone then? It seems to be a consensus


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Do as yous like im away on thursday anyway for another monrh


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Guys, gals, I've been a real slack bas at responding. I've my nephews 3rd b'day that despite all excuses I'm attending. I was always going to attend, just later. A personal sorry to Si as I've not been on here in weeks after the viral pish and I know you've been trying to get this sorted for ages.

Next week might be good for a quick meet and blether as I've a project to deliver and it's all over the shop so an hour or two out will be a welcome restbite. Gash Si if you'll be away again. I will have the car lowered by the next time I see you, promise! Front is done, got Carl's VWR rears now, so they're gong on as soon as I get a reply from EVW's Bobby.

Phil, i'll be in touch by end of weekend, see if we can't meet up, chew the fat.

Carl, the S3's going as you move to the dark side (;-)), but you're always welcome!

Everyone else, let's see if next weekend is viable for a quick meet and bull****. If you're game, then cool, we can try and firm up more regulars.

The last ASN meet was smart and a good laugh, just need to wise up and sort it out.

Have a good weekend all. Rich
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just drop me a line buddy cars not looking the best but it will still be good to get a chinwag, you have my mobile right?


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Hi All!
Ive just bought an S3. Im currently living in Cardiff but moving up to Aberdeenshire with work in Aug. Hopefully I'll come along to a meet.