A8 Sports Diff identification


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Hi I was hoping someone might be able to help, I have 2010 4.2TDi with a sports diff, I found a 2015 car S8 with a sports diff. Both my car and the potential car have part no. 8K0 927 277 and 8733102150, these are the top sets of numbers. There are an additional 2 sets (mine) 10018226 (there's) 10042972 and (mine) 1803168 and (there's) 1162048. I want to check if these last 2 numbers are just serial numbers and whether the critical numbers are the 2 top ones which match. To be fair to the Breaker it is more Audi specific and that what I thought I'd ask here. Any help or advice would be very appreciate. Thank you I posted on the A8/S8 forum but realised it might be better here


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