a8 d3 4.2 tdi couple of enquiries?


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Mar 11, 2019
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Hi all iv just recently joined the forum, iv had my audi since november and have a couple of enquiries about it

1st off - remap? it goes well as is but think a remap would squeeze some more out it, does any one know of anyone localish to Edinburgh that can map this car?

2nd - on acceleration i have a high pitch whistle which is apparent on gear changes, does seem to be there unless I'm driving as obviously sitting stationary its hard to gather boost pressure, to me i "think" one of the turbos is faulty but wondering if anyone has shared previous before i rip it to bits

3rd - rear lights, when i purchased the car i hadn't been told one of the rear lights (right outer) was faulty so i had one shipped from german as it was one £100 cheaper than TPS and was the manufacturer of the dealer item anyway but upon changing it, the light seems to flap a bit so was wondering if anyone has a picture of all that is needed to secure the light in place, i bought parts from TPS that was supposed to sort it but to me there is something missing :( someone has been in the area before me so my gussying is they have dropped whatever it is down the recessed hole in the boot.

If anyone can help that would be much appreciated :)