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Merry Christmas all,

Any of you bunch come across a decent rubber boot liner for our beloved A7's? Found a website (travall.co.uk) that does the floor mats but can't for whatever reason get a boot liner

Hoping you gents may have found something I've missed


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I no longer have my A7 but when I did, I got the boot mat from carmats4u. In actual fact, the A6 (x3), A3, A7 and now SQ5 all have had theirs from there.
Had no issues and usually add the prestige carpet mat too which I slide under the rubber if I need the rubber only or have on top if it's dry stuff

Picture probably doesnt help as the mat/s are on top but see attached either way :)
Sure others will have recommendations too -


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get the official Audi one. Very good grip and made from a quality of rubber. I found ebay sellers and 3rd party offerings were more of a plastic liner and everything skidded around in your boot.