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  1. KnightRider1

    KnightRider1 New Member

    Ok so think I have given up the reality of getting an S7 even though my initial reason was due to the fact I’d be doing around about 3k miles a year (based on current usage) and therefore fuel economy wasn’t really a factor. However once I get this car I have a feeling we would be using this much more for family trips and there longer journeys.

    I have instead decided to focus on the BiTdi model of the A7. But my anxiety’s are starting to kick in with regards to reliability. My brothers A7 TFSI has suddenly devolved an issue which is still being investigated by Audi with a gearbox error code when he started it last week. They are saying it could be an electrical fault or the actual gearbox. But that’s to be continued.... I’ve read a few things on here that mention certain reliability issues and the complexity of the engine setup of the turbo diesel, and it’s impossible to find any decent reliability sources. some websites have it rated highly some have them rated poorly. So does anyone here own a bitdi or have owned one in the past and had any issues with it?

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  3. Persuader - BiTDI

    Persuader - BiTDI New Member

    I have a Bitdi and it has been faultless.

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  4. Rabie2412

    Rabie2412 Active Member Team V8 Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi RS4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    Had my BITDI 18MTH, No issues what so ever , other than a Permeant Grin from the Torque it produces ...

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