A7 3.0 BiTDI (320) Remap.


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Morning all.

just looking for advice on what remaps people went for on a stage one. Not wanting to push the car beyond its capability causing issues.

been looking at the REVO stage one which says it will take it to 353ps.

interested to hear peoples thoughts.

Hi mate, I would 100% recommend Bobby Singh (BSR).
I’ve had a stage 1 map from him, and now running a stage 2 and gearbox mapping from BSR.
Can’t fault the tuning, knowledge and simplicity that Bobby has. No nonsense and extremely knowledgeable about these engines. Plus he is a ****** nice guy too!
I am sure there are other capable tuners out there but I am just speaking from my experience.
Recently had to use my car in a medical emergency driving about 30 miles, mainly dual carriageway & Motorway. Without a doubt BSR’s tuning enabled me to make big over takes, pull past traffic and generally save me time.
for any diesel car now I’ll always make the trip to see @bobby singh