A7 2013 BiTdi - TPMS?


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Hi all

Going to treat the car to new alloys, and keep the current ones as winters.

Quick question - does it have 4 xTPMS in the alloy/tyres for this model/year?

Had this in the XFR and when I changed over to winter alloys (without putting TPMS in the tyres/alloys) I had warning light in the dash which drove me mental.



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Only the RS models use active TPMS, where there are tire valve sensors.

All other models use passive TPMS, which uses the ABS sensors to calculate the rolling circumference of the tire, hence whether the tire is flat or not. It’s a very basic system, no actual pressures are displayed, and you don’t get tire temp either.


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RAF S7 - thanks, exactly what I hoped it would be.......those damn TPMS drove ne mad in XFR lol.

Time to get alloys :)