A6 V6tdi oil leak!


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Has anybody any experience with oil leaks on the 2.5 V6 tdi?

Our A6 V6tdi (1998) leaks oil since we bought it due to poor servicing by the previous owner and non replacement of the engine breather filter.

This particular engine is well known for engine block pressure and with the breather blocking block pressure builds up until something blows (oil seals).

I have already changed breather filter,oil filter housing and seals,rocker cover gaskets,sump gasket and still she leaks all though minimum it's still enough to be embarrassing if we are invited to friends who have a nice new paved drive!!!

I reckon that the oil has to be coming out of the crank shaft seal and with a cam belt change coming up in the near future would like to change at the same time.

Any one had this problem & cured it?


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Changed cam belt,water pump & tensioners this week end ( made a tool to block both cams from turning) every thing was going tip top,changed oil seal on crank shaft at the same time in the hope of curing oil leak,sweet as, came to put new cam belt back & pulleys to find that the final hole where the tensioner screws into the block was threaded-NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!

Managed to re-tap from 10mm to 12mm (1.25 thread) and then get a local turner to adapt tensioner mounting bolt from 10mm to 12mm -PHEW!

All back together,started first time and runs like a dream!!!!!!


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Did the new crank shaft oil seal cure the oil leak?


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how bad is it ?
does it actually leak onto the floor or does the level just go down ?


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Oil leak with level drop and proof on the garage floor next day every time you park up!!!!!!

Totally unacceptable for a vehicle of this category!!!

Had a Audi 100 Tdi that never lost a drop of oil in 300,000 Km's