A6 sound system


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Jun 1, 2003
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Hey guys.

2020 A6 black edition sline 45TSi. Really wished I had taken the better sound option, really not happy, it almost sounds rather weak and effortless in its output. Any ideas on a retro fit option to give the sound a bit more Umph?

Thanks in advance

do you have the standard sound or the bang&olufsen?
In the past, on the B&o systems it has been suggested that the speakers need time to bed in, Like running in the car I guess. I have no info on this though so could be nothing but it might be worth giving it a little time.
While I'm sure the B&O is a noticeable step up, I'm pretty impressed with the standard system. That said, my last car had a poor sound system, so perhaps I'm more easily pleased.

Since the sub located under the boot floor is detachable, I just wondered if you have checked it is plugged in and operational. If it isn't, it would explain your lack of umph.
As said above, speaker systems need time to bed in - the rubber speaker surrounds need to loosen up with some use, in order to get the optimum sound from them.
I have the standard sound system and I'm very happy with it.
I went from the B&O on my 2018 S3 to the Audi Sound system and was worried but I’ve been very happy with the standard one although it did take a while to bed in
I had a courtesy car 20 plate A4 the other week which had the standard sound system - my A6 has the B&O as part of Comfort&Sound Pack and it is worlds apart from the standard in the A4. Drove the A4 with music off as couldn’t deal with it.
I had the Audi Sound System in my previous A5, it was very good, before that I had the B&O, that was excellent. In my current A6 I have the standard speakers which are ok but I can’t have them on too loud as the car vibrates too much.