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Hi all,
I have recently bought an Audi A6 TDI d 2009 plate. It has the MMI 3G sat nab with 2009 / 2010 Europe maps serial number: 4G0919884D.
This is the first Audi I have had (previously been seduced by BMW but have now managed to break free) and I am loving it. However, the sat nab is possibly the worst sat nab I have ever seen!

You can only enter the first 4 digits of a post code, then it does not appear to have a very complete set of street names, even when they are older streets than 2009 so getting to a specific address is virtually impossible.

Also, when approaching a roundabout it tells you the exit you need, which is great, but then just as you approach the roundabout it says 'now turn left' which is very off putting, incorrect and can be dangerous.

I spoke to the main dealer today and asked if the maps can be updated and if the post code capability has been improved. They have told me there is a 2014 version of the maps available at £191.59. They say the post code is part of the basic MMI. There is a newer version I could get at a cost of over £2,000 and they are not sure if the newer version can accept full post codes.

I am now wishing I had not given away my old TOMTOM when I got this car.

Don't get me wrong, I love the car but the Sat Nav is pants!

Is the dealer telling me the correct story or is there an easier way to improve what I have.
Cheers, Keenone.


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I've always found the nav very good on the Audi's even with the 4 digit postcode. You can get a hack to enable full postcode but it causes problems with the 3D images as shown in this image.

Have a search on google for the following "audi mmi 3g full postcode" and select the second link but again cost is high, unless you want to look in to this yourself. I just retrofitted MMI 3G to my A6 and did the firmware and map updates myself and it cost me nothing. http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/a6-s6-...-bit-rebuild-repair-thread-2.html#post2185104


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Many Thanks B5NUT, I will take a look at your links and see if I think I could manage to to the upgrade - I am not very technical!!
I did a 400 mile journey over the weekend and tried out the sat nab for the whole trip. I think maybe I was a bit harsh saying it wasn't as good as the TOMTOM. I could live with the post code problem so long as the street database was up to date, so hopefully that comes with the map update. That said I still experienced the confusing messages at roundabouts - its pretty consistent at all roundabouts - i.e. When approaching a roundabout it might say 'take the second exit' but then just before you enter the roundabout it says 'turn left now'. Similarly, if the initial message is 'take the first exit' just before you enter the roundabout it will say' take the second exit'.

I saw on the web that this is a known issue and a fix might be available as a recall from Audi. My main dealer is not interested in talking about anything other than £200 for a map update disc.