A6 Number Plate Lights


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Hello people,

So on my Audi A6 2010 Saloon one of my number plate light bulb is blown. So I decided to change both number plate light bulbs and went to buy LED bulbs from Amazon. So they finally arrived today and I fitted them on but they do not light and I get the warning light on the dashboard.

Have I fitted it wrong? Has a fuse blown? Or are they not compatible with my car?

Link: Ring Automotive RW2396LED 12V C5W 6000K Ring Ice White Led (239)

Any help and suggestions are really appreciated.

Thank You.


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I replaced mine with cheap one's off eBay and had no problems.
Can you test the bulbs with a another power source to check they work.
And if you have a multimeter , you can check the voltage at the bulb holder to see if you are getting power to the bulbs.


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I checked both fuse boxes (front and one in the boot) all fuses are working fine. I used a 9V power supply to try the original light bulbs and they both lighted up. When I put the originals back on still no light. And same outcome with the new light bulbs.


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It's more likely the car does not like the resistance values of the LED replacements you have fitted. The car does a bulb check when the ignition is switched one, people use the term can-bus compatible but the bulb check has nothing to do with the can-bus system..


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one of my rear bulbs went - they are led one (2010 plate) bought one from the local spares shop but doesn't work either ??
thought i may have to try the audi ones


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You did put them in right way round ?

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