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A6 MMI help bluetooth and phone

Tim Garlinge Jul 11, 2018

  1. Tim Garlinge

    Tim Garlinge Registered User

    Hi all. I have just joined this forum as I have just treated myself to an S-Line A6 Avante and have a question regarding the built in multi-media system. Im sorry if this question has been asked before, i did search but couldnt see the answer I needed. My car is a 57 plate and comes with the red screened MMI. It has a tel button on the centre console and it has an option in the settings to change the bluetooth pin number but it doesnt appear to have bluetooth when i search for it. Is there a way I can connect my phone to the mmi and use the onboard buttons to access my phone and stream music? I dont want to have to add a parrot kit ot similar if possible. Thanks in advance...Tim

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