A6 Interior lights pulsing


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I have a 1.9TDi A6 Avant 2005 - final edition. I had been having a problem with the interior lights pulsing while driving. I also noticed that the light in the door, the one that is visible when you open the door, was also flickering as well as the passenger footwell.
Read a few posts about the microswitch being problematic and also possible water ingress in the footwell ( carpet is nice and dry)

So I changed the whole door lock thinking this was the problem.

This didnt work and I now have the added issue of the red LED in the passenger door for the alarm not working, no passenger footwell light and when the door is open the DIS display on the dash doesnt recognise the doors open.

The red alarm LED in the drivers door now stays on when the car is moving and flashes really quickly when you lock the car.

I had a scan done the other day and there were no faults found but it couldn't connect to the CCM

Does anyone have any idea of what I can look at next ??

I'll be very grateful for any advice/help


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If the ccm (controller under passenger side carpet) cannot be scanned it and it's wiring could have been affected by water ingress before. I mention this as when I bought my car it couldn't be scanned and on investigation I found much of the wiring to the ccm had been replaced in the past (possibly the ccm itself too). It's possible for water ingress to rot the wiring over time and connector to the ccm itself so it may be worth taking a look under the carpet anyhow.


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thanks for your reply - I've just pullled the carpet up and its all dry in and around the CCM. There doesnt look like any damage to the connector or localised wiring.
I will have a look through the wiring to the door and under the door sill trim