A6 hesitation


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Sep 2, 2006
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Hi, 1st post. Owned an A6 1.8T quattro for a couple of days now, lovely car in metallic green (nil leather though!). Took her out for a spin today, and found it to be very hesitant on accelleration, as if it was holding back?? It's still under what warranty the garage gave me but I'd like a few ideas first. Would it be worth popping her on a rolling road? Or is there some thing that is common that would cause this? Cheers for any future help.
Variable turbo blades get stuck

MAF units faulty, Coolant temp sensors,Ait temp sensors seem to be the norm and produce the symptoms your describing when cold.

Not as often but Idle control valves but this doesn't cause hesitation normally just eratic idle.

I assume its a maunal car else auto boxes can be a little temperamental
Check for split pipes to the turbo etc as well.

Hope these help

Thanks for the replies, I'll have a look tomorrow, however, it's going back to the garage on Thurs. See what they say!! Coolant temp indication as been a bit erratic, not all the time just occassionally. Idle is fine and yes it's a manual. No fault codes, just have to wait and see. Cheers again. variable blades??? I thought they were fixed??
for some reason temp sensors dont always show on fault codes if its erratic then thats probably the problem. these are prone and an easy if not messy fix.

your temp should be rock solid 90 mine never budges.
All sorted, MAF replaced under warranty, goes like a dream now - did smile. Few months and I'm sure I'll be wanting to chip her. cheers for the feedback, much appreciated