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A6 Diesel heating up

KrisKrk Dec 2, 2019

  1. KrisKrk

    KrisKrk A6 C6 4F 2010 LeMans Avant

    Is it only my Diesel A6 Avant that isn't heating up quick enough to allow switching the heating on?

    2.0 engine and with temperatures like today morning 0.5deg.C I cannot turn the heating on as the engine temperature will not rise fast enough for the whole journey.
    Fair enough, my daily commute with school run and to work isn't the longest one but it is surely getting the engine to a nice temperature. Soon as I turn the heating on and stop on traffic lights, engine temperature drops. I switch off the heating and drive, temperature goes back up.
    If I drive for 5-10 minutes after 90 has reached and then switch the heating on, it is fine and maintain at that level.

    Does anyone elses car does that?

    Seen black cabs driving around with cardboard stuck behind the front grille and think I get the idea of it but not too sire about the engine safety.

    Seen on internet those sticky plasters/patches with heating that you can attach to the bottom of the engine block and hard wire to your car electrics. With relay it allows to be switched on and off but should help to heat up the engine, no?

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  3. abmat

    abmat Active Member VCDS Map User

    Could be a faulty thermostat.

    mine has been fine the last few days. Always gets to 90 and warm air beforehand.

    sorry can’t be more help.
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  4. KrisKrk

    KrisKrk A6 C6 4F 2010 LeMans Avant

    Thermostat been replaced few years ago and even then it was the same situation.

    Ever since I got the car it was like that.

    Cannot compare to my previous owned vehicles as one was petrol 1.4 litre engine Fabia and second (A4 B7) had blown head gasket so cold air always and temp was up and down, even while driving on the motorway.

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  5. Audidi

    Audidi Useful idiot

    Mine has the electric Auxiliary heater for the windows when it’s freezing cold. It does help when the interior is like a fridge.
    Heated seats are a blessing.
  6. Bbflex

    Bbflex Active Member

    Mines suffering with heating up, is your EGR still being used? As it helps warm up time’s.

    I have done exactly as you’ve seen in the past with taxis on quite a few smaller diesels, I usually nick some corex (corrugated plastic) from work, cut it to the size of the radiator, then cut a hole around 6”x6” in the same place the fan sits and tie wrap it in place, on my c5 and passat b5.5 I never had a problem, it also helped MPG and warm up times, I’m probably going to do it to the c6 but there’s currently no corex at work.

    edit: you should have an auxiliary heater as written above to get heat into the cabin quickly, also slide the corex behind the air con rad so your not also blocking that.

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