A6 Central locking problem!


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Hi to all

After recently changing rear lock mechanism on our 1998 A6 2.5 Tdi (after original failed and the boot wouldn't open) the central locking for the boot wont work anymore i.e Wont lock or unlock with remote makes no sound of wanting too stuck etc...like it's not getting the signal.
For info it's an electric system and not air so it can't be a broken air pipe!
I have tried all combinations with the key in the boot lock as explained in the handbook,disconnected battery to reset ecu,to no avail!

This once happened on an old Audi of our's which then started working again about a year later, any help PLEASE much appreciated as I'm well baffled!!! and would like to sort it before our Hols in July as we now prone to forgetting to manually lock the boot with the key!


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:arco: Sorted the central locking problem! but only after I realised that the fog lights & N° plate lights weren't working either!!!

Supply cable must have got trapped in the boot hinge at some time resulting in 3 cut cables-re-soldered and all's working!!

Thanks for all your help.:whistle2:


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lol.... i thought i had a problem then

as my number plate lights keep going out too lol


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Very wise to have only one rear foglight. I remember once nearly rear-ending someone on a dark rainy motorway 'cos I didn't see his brakelights come on. Some fool had thought it sensible to design a car with two extremely bright foglights near the brakelights, and the foolish driver thought it was sensible to have them on in the dark and the rain, even though visibility was good for half-a-mile! [can't remember the make of car but it wasn't German]