A6 C7 Front shock removal video

John Wr

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It's a video I looked at and followed when I changed the springs and dampers on my car. I just wish the pinch bolt at the top of the suspension leg was as easy to remove as in the video, as I had to resort to a some heating of the leg to get the bolt out. It's interesting that the design of this bolt has changed and is not a consistent diameter over its full length. The new design is thinner diameter along the centre portion which should over time reduce the possibility of galvanic action between the steel bolt and the aluminium leg. On an older car it is definitely worth buying new bolts and nuts before any attempts to take the suspension apart.



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On an older car (+10 years) you could never cleanly remove the pinch bolt without destroying it, the worst I've ever had was a 10ton press at maximum and a blowtorch to remove the bolt, and it gave way with one hell of a bang. If you have a car with pinch bolt setup then your best off removing the bolt every year or two and sticking a bit of copper slip on and refitting, only takes a couple of minutes and you don't need to take the wheel off.


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My mate had to drill out BOTH pinch bolts when we did my suspension swap

New bolts are tapered so you’d hope this will help in the future......