A6 C7 2012. Map update


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Hello, i was wondering how can i update the maps on my A6 C7 2012. RMC MMI.

Tried searching it on google, but i can't find anything relevant.

Here is the picture of system information


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I've researched this before and failed to find anyone selling updated maps for this model. Will be very interested to hear if they available somewhere (other than at a main dealer!!!).


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I fitted this

It took about an hour to fit then you have apple carplay, you can then use apple maps, Google maps or Waze through an iPhone. This obviously gives you google search for destinations and bang upto date maps and traffic. My a6 is 2013, I understand newer ones don't need the hardware just activation.

It just brings the whole infotainment system upto date, it's just a shame the a6 doesn't have a touchscreen.

RS3 S.

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DJAlix on here should be able to sort it. Had mine done by him & Sean the other Saturday ,latest 2021-2022 maps.