A6 c6 vcds program issue

Abdul Munaim

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Apr 6, 2020
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Hey guys,
I'm new to this forums but could do with some help please.
I got myself a Vcds and wanted to code my car so that it does visual display parking. However it didn't work. Maybe cos my rear sensors are aftermarket but wasn't sure.
but while using the software it crashed and I turned it off and decided to leave it.

I found it left quite a few issues but I don't know how to resolve. I'll list them below

1. MMI display won't come on unless I start the car. so not in ignition.
2. My fob doesn't unlock the car. So I have to use the key to enter but after I stared the car. It works until I've left and come back to use the fob and again won't work.
3. When I use to unlock my car at night. The fog light and Drl use to come on. Which looked cool. Doesn't come one anymore.

please could someone help me
Hi Abdul

Did you do an auto scan before you changed any settings on the car? If you did then you could check the current coding against the coding from the scan?
Genuine VCDS can be updated from within the application.

I would check your change logs in order to see what settings have been modified and reverse them. If the changes were made as a result of the"crash" then they might not be logged and you would need a VAG specialist to restore your default codings and adaptations.
I went into the Adplog folder. I found a spreadsheet and in it. It shows that Address 19, channel 1 was adapted from 0 to 1.

I can't remember changing that but do you think changing it back to 0 will fix the issue