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A6 c6 flat bottom steering wheel

Marc Saunders May 30, 2018

  1. Marc Saunders

    Marc Saunders New Member

    Hi,just joined the forum after buying a a6 c6 2011 s line avant.Looking to fit a flat bottom steering wheel but not sure which ones fit and what air bag fit.Looking for info on this retro fit of the steering wheel and airbag.thanks
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  3. KrisKrk

    KrisKrk A6 C6 4F 2010 LeMans Avant Gold Supporter TDi Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group Manual Le Mans Edition

    Hi there,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I was after that also but got put off by £500-£700 price of the wheel with round airbag.
    Our standard airbag will fit into flat bottom steering wheels, if want to keep the airbag shape.

    Airbag you need to look out for is dual stage.
    They differ from car to car and model to model.
    Paddle shifts might be also an option or only way to het the wheel in.

    There is a member here who is selling flat bottom wheels, already re trimmed, with or without controls and/or airbags.

    Also a professional company, which don’t remember the name of bow, which can do the flat bottom to your steering wheel.
    You order the wheel, choose cover (leather, alcantara, perforated, etc) and stitching. They do it for you and sending over to you.
    In return, you send them your wheel. Deposit involved or you can get them to fit it for you also.
    Not that bad and relatively good priced £200-£300, if remember correctly.

    If get the names of both above, will drop them here

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  4. ckl139

    ckl139 Member

    Hey any pics ?

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