A6 C6 brake upgrade options?


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ive searched the forum and drawn a blank!

Does any one know what options I can got for on my 2005 A6?
I'm a bit of a brake whore so I would love to go oem and get myself a set from an RS6 but some how I don't think it's as simple as bolting on due to different hubs etc?

Does anyone know if the B7 RS4 brakes fit? I've seen a lot about the C5 A6 these bolt straight up so I've heard but not sure about the C6.

Are there any other upgrades possible like Porsche calipers etc? I've seen people fit GT3 6 piston calipers to the B7 but nothing about the C6.

Any info would be great. I'm not really doing it for a full on performance upgrade other then the fact I like to see a decent set of brakes behind the wheels. I also have 18"s so would prefer to keep under these for now although 19"s would be on the horizon especially if that would limit my brake options



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C5 rs6, b7 rs4, phaeton discs with rs bells and 8 pot calipers, ml discs and 18z calipers as found on Porsche/ touareg and a bunch more cars ! Take your pic ! What is the max you can pay and I can put a nice package for you that will look the ****** and be functional at the same time ?


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Well too be honest I had in mind £4-500 for every thing(I can fit myself) but looking into it I'm guessing I'm going to have too stretch that some what. Or keep a look out for some bargain 18z calipers.

What size ML discs would I use with the 18z calipers? Also do I still need a bracket like A3s golfs etc or do they bolt up?

I like the look of two piece discs but I think that's out of my budget at the moment.


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Do you know what size ML discs I'd need? I think I'd like to get some over the summer to fit!
And also so the I can get some options on drilled or grooved style discs. And do the caliper said bolt straight up or do I need brackets?


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Rs6 discs will eat your budget unless you went used or with a lesser known manufacturer. My mate has an rs6 and the he got pagid discs, they were over 600 for both discs alone on a 50% Euro car part sale.
I have pondered the same and was thinking about s4 front discs and pads but the seller I had seen said you needed 19s to clear the calipers.