A6 C6 Avant ignition switch fault & MMI iPod issue?


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Dec 6, 2017
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Hi All,

I have just bought an early 2011 A6 C6 Avant Auto 170bhp S-Line which I am very pleased with, but have a couple of queries which I hope someone can help resolve. The car came from another family member who owned it from new. 41K miles on the clock and a full Audi service history. It was serviced by Audi last week before I took ownership.

1. When I park up, switch off the ignition, and remove the key, all of the MMI, exterior lights and dash lights stay on, and I can't lock the car. If I re-insert the key into the ignition then pull it straight out, everything shuts down with a satisfying 'clunk'. Is this 'designed in', or a fault? It seems odd not to be able to just pull the key out once and leave the car.

2. I can't get my iPod 4g photo to show up in the MMI source menu when connected via the cable in the glove box, even though the iPod charges, and displays the Audi logo.

Point 1. was mentioned to the Audi dealer last week during the service, as it was happening intermittently, but seems to happen every time I've used the car since it came back from Audi, although they claim to have found no fault.....

I'm wondering if changing the ignition switch might sort out point 1. and whether the MMI might have been adjusted by the dealer as I think the iPod 4g photo should work fine with a 2011 car....?

Many thanks in advance,