A6 c6 3.0tdi quattro oil leak


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Hi guys and girls. Car is up on axle stands while the wheels are out for refurb. New front discs and pads aswell as hopefully the pics will explain that. But upon being under the car I have noticed oil on the subframe just at the back of the block where the gearbox mounts. Notes- it runs fine, no warning lights no oil loss issues as I've been checking regularly and no smoke. Now I have sometimes had a bit of oil misting at the side of the turbo again in pics but never any problems. Clean off and drive. (Not sure if the side in question is intake or exhaust) anyone had this and shed some light as to common or possible issue. Cheers people.


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I also have an oil leak on mine (2008 3.0tdi Le Mans) my oil leak is a bit worse than yours and seems to be worst where the gearbox/bellhousing meets the camchain casing. Any info would be much appreciated. :)



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Hi, have same problem here, can you tell was the engine required removal to re seal?

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