A6 c6 2.0tdi BRE Limp mode problems


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Hello everyone.
I have a problem with my car and hope I will get some advice here.
2 weeks ago in a sunny Saturday day I start to drive home from work and on my way she gets in limp mode. Get home stop the engine, start again everything wos normal.
After 2-3 hours I went for shopping with the family, on the way the the glow plugs signal starts to flash in dashboard and get in limp mode again.
After shopping I start the engine and everything wos perfect for few minutes, tesco is 10min driving from home. So the glow plugs start to flash, black smoke behind and no power, maximum speed 20 miles. I pull pull over and ask for recovery, went straight to service.
They said is dpf and they don't fix something like this so I tucked home, order the dpf and 3 gas temp sensors (one before turbo, one before dpf and one after dpf) and I changed by my self. When I finished I asked one mecanic to come to activate them. Hi done it but no difference still in limp mode, no power to move the car.
This mecanic said the egr valve is not working properly so I buy the egr and change it but still no power. After I change and the map sensor with no result.
The glow plugs light still flashing, the car still doesn't have any power and I still have the error p0403 on scan
Any help please


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There's even more serious stuff to be worried about with a BRE .

Thank you for replying.
I keep trying to find a good mechanic to have a look, but is hard so I bought a vagcom from marketplace, I don't believe to be original, on auto scan is showing 3 or 4 for faults, one with abs sensor, one with esp, one with a wire from speaker, and one "P0403 egr valve n18 malfunction mil on"
I don't know how to use the program mor then a scan and after Google.
Can you please tell me more. Thanks


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BRE unfortunately has a flawed oil pump drive , module is chain driven and oil pump cassette by a 77mm by 6mm hex bar that likes to loose drive in the balencer shaft keyway .