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A6 C6 2.0 TDI CR170 Remap - Anything to look out for?

Springer* Nov 27, 2019

  1. Springer*

    Springer* Registered User

    Hi there,

    Lots of very tidy end of the line C6 2.0 TDI 170s out there for peanuts these days. Many with Special Edition or Le Mans spec with lots of kit on them too and it might be well worth getting one as a runaround for the next couple of years.

    Anyway, with it being quite a big, heavy car (though not as heavy as some) I'd be interested in getting it remapped, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience of having this done?

    Are there any major issues/pitfalls with doing this on this engine/car?

    What sort of gains can realistically be expected and how does the A6 chassis cope with it?

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  3. Bbflex

    Bbflex Registered User

    I can’t recall if you get the same size turbo as the BRD engined A4’s, if it’s a 1749va turbo expect to see around 200bhp from just a map, if it’s a bigger turbo like the bv43 I think your looking at around 220bhp

    I’ve had my BRE 140 mapped to 200bhp it helps a lot, worst thing I find now is not being able to put power down in first and second.

    mines at around 145k miles now, and is coping fine, chassis is good tbh, but it’s a big car with a small engine so don’t expect miracles :)
  4. Springer*

    Springer* Registered User

    Thanks for the reply and for the info.

    Yeah, I'm certainly not expecting the car to be transformed into some sort of road rocket. Its more about giving it a bit ore oomph and general drivability especially as I'd probably spend a lot of time with the car 4 or 5 up.

    I was just keen to know if it was the same engine/turbo set up as the B8 chassis A4. Over on that section there seems to be a lot of stories of the A4s having a particularly weak DMF and clutch and that turbos blow dead easy. Mind you, I do think that quite a lot people do remap cars that are sludged up and asthmatic and blow turbos as a result.

    Anyway, any advice from you kinds peeps would be greatly appreciated :D


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