A6 C5 Non Bose question


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Hello guys!

I would really like to get some help i hope we can figure out something. I have a 2002 A6 C5 with a factory non Bose sound system. I'm planning to add an aftermarket amp/sub combo. I can manage to solve that since the factory amp gets line level inputs so i can just convert those cables to RCA then i can just plug them into my aftermarket amp. My problem is if i bypass the factory amp then i lose my 2 rear speakers but i want to keep those. My aftermarket amp is a 2ch Harman/Kardon one. I will use it in bridge mode to drive my sub so i can't use that amp for the rear speakers. The best goal would be to bypass the OEM sub only so i keep the OEM amp for the rear speakers and run the aftermarket sub/combo like this. IDK if it's possible.
1. Can the OEM HU drive the rear speakers with a different kind of connector?
2. Should i use a line level converter that i connect to the OEM sub's wires and convert those to an RCA and plug that to an aftermarket amp?
3. Can i "split" the line level cables so i can run a dual amp setup without losing power/quality? And split the 12v remote too?

Or if you guys have any other simple ideas i would really appreciate it.

Best Regards!