A6 C5 2005 2.5 Allroad, Manual, Slow Turn Grumble


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Hi All,
So I have put new brake discs on the front, new pads and all new fluid. Yesterday ended up putting 4 new tyres on, grim. Now historicaly I have had some grumbling underneath the car at times when making very slow speed turns, like pulling away at a junction and turning left ot right. I assume diffs, transfer box or general transmission components making this grumbling feel. I thought old car, ware and tare in the 4x4 system.
I have read that it can be expected as the front tyres turn the inner part of the tyres are turning at a different rate to the outer part. And on that note, the issue has been noticably worse since the new tyres have been fitted.
I had a similar thing on my old V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the problem on that car was usually down to the friction modifier with the oil in the diffs.
I was hoping someone may have experience of this issue? And should I panic lol


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From my experience this is normal.

My mum has a A4 DTM quattro and when you turn as slow speed it does feel like the car is being dragged - if that makes any sense.

That being said, i have a A6 (C5) and that doesn't seem to do this although both inner side of the front tyres are worn and need replacing.

It would be good to hear other users opinions.

Samuel c5 Q

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Check the inner side of the wheel isn't rubbing the hard brake pipe at the inner arch in the wheel well.